Washing of your clothes and other fabrics is a difficult and boring job which is faced not only by the families but also by the commercial entities. We deal with a long range of stuff which need regular washing, drying, folding and ironing. Few fabrics and clothes which need regular cleaning are:

  • Daily domestic & office worn dresses
  • Official, commercial and industrial uniforms
  • School dresses
  • Bedlinen, other domestic & commercial fabrics
  • Blankets
  • Curtains
  • Carpets etc

Washing Process

Washing process at Golden Cloth Care Laundry is common for whole the range of fabrics and other woven products. Washing process may include:

  • Application of washing detergents or chemical
  • Mixing of water in some sort of plant, machine or appliance
  • Drying of the washed stuff
  • Folding
  • Hot or steam pressing
  • Delivery of the same at the home of the customers.

Hand wash, drying and wet cleaning may be some of the specialized services which need special care and time but the same is also offered to you as the cheap laundry service. Whole this process is a prolonged and lengthy job, needing the time and money, which is difficult for a common person like you to spare time for.

So, we offer special services for you to solve your time and money problems. Many of these are unique and new in the town which can solve many of your washing services.

Our Special Services

  • Self Service Laundry
  • Laundry service near you
  • Laundry ironing service
  • Online laundry service
  • Monthly laundry service
  • Laundry service pickup and delivery
  • Home laundry service
  • Commercial laundry service
  • Hospital laundry service
  • 24/7 laundry service

Self Service Laundry

Self service laundry near me is a new and unique service which is offered in your area. With this service, you may deliver and pick up the washed and ironed clothes and other stuff from our place. And if you are worried of your high valued clothes and other fabrics, you may wash them at your own, using our plant, place or other services. In such self service laundry, you may save a lot in your monthly budget as well.

Laundry Service Near you

To avoid the troublesome travelling to our place to deliver or pick up the washable and washed clothes, we offer the laundry service near you.

Laundry Ironing Service

The hot or steam laundry ironing service may be offered at substantial rates to you to do the same as self service.

Online Laundry Service

You may place the order at Online laundry service to get the delivery and pick up service of washables from our place or at your place. The status of the same can be known from our website.

Monthly Laundry Service

For the salaried persons, the monthly laundry services are offered which can be paid for the fixed number of items of washable clothes and other fabrics.

Laundry Service Pickup and Delivery

Under the service, the free pick up or delivery of the washable and washed clothes can be made at the substantial and discounted rates.

Home Laundry Service

Under this facility, some of the washables, which cannot be moved to our place, can be washed right at your place or home.

Commercial Laundry Service

For the commercial premises and workups, you may get the special discount upon the commercial laundry service, such as, hotels, guest houses, the industries, departmental stores, hospitals and so on.

Hospital Laundry Service

Due to special nature of the hospitals, the significantly higher quality service is offered to the hospitals, clinics and other such facilities. These services are of special nature which are performed with the special care, detergents and plants, separate from the general and domestic laundry service. We offer the prominent discount upon such hospital laundry service as well.

24/7 Laundry Service

Apart from the common laundry service time, we offer the pick up and delivery service for the 24/7 laundry service time. If you want the quick service, you may get the same at the substantially higher rates. Once you are at our place, you will find us the different one from other laundry services in the town.

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