Best Steam Pressing in Dubai

Typically when the dry cleaning is complete it is time to apply the steam pressing to restore the grace of your clothing or the other fabrics. When steam is applied to a clothing or the fabric it is done with the purpose to make the fabric or the clothing a little softer and easier to press. Then high pressure is applied upon the garment or the fabric with wrinkles to remove the wrinkles and to make the garment smoother.

Why Steam Pressing is Applied? Is It Safe?

After the traditional washing or the dry cleaning process any thick clothing or the garment with wrinkles upon it is softened. Now, it is easier to remove the wrinkles and to smooth the garment. Commonly, the woolen clothes, the thick cotton fabrics, thick curtains and similar stuff is steam pressed to:

  • Remove the wrinkles
  • Get the garment smoother
  • Get the best crease
  • Make the garment or the fabric look wonderful.

When you don’t want to put your high valued garments or the clothing to the risk of hot ironing, you may prefer to get it steam pressed which is quite safe process. This is why; most of the people, with high valued garments, prefer to get the garments steam pressed.

Steam Pressing Process (Traditional Style)

Traditional style of steam press of your garments and clothing is a process which is performed with the relatively heavier and most modern state of the art technological equipment. For the installation of the steam pressing equipment, the special permits from the concerned authorities is secured. Then the specially qualified, licensed, trained and experienced staff is employed to perform the steam pressing process.

To provide the best steam pressed clothing or garment, the following process is followed:

For the purpose, the complex system to make the steam is applied. In some of the old traditional laundries, the small boilers are used to produce the steam which is then used to soften the clothes or garments. In modern laundries, the smaller electrical equipment is used to produce steam and is used for the purpose.

After your high valued garment or the thick clothing is softened, the heavy iron is pressed upon the wrinkled clothing to remove its wrinkles and to smooth it. This pressing is continued for few seconds only. This process of removing the wrinkles and to smooth the garment is performed by the expert and experienced steam pressmen.

Now, when your clothing is free from the wrinkles and are smoother, the garments are packed and are ready to be delivered to the consumer.

Steam Pressing Process (State of the Art Technology)

In the most modern steam pressing processes, the smaller handy appliance is used to create the steam which is fissured upon the clothing or the garment. This is a small handy appliance which can be taken even at your home to steam press your curtains and other similar fabrics.

Alternatively, some of the traditional irons have now provided with the water spraying system which converts the little spray of water into the steam. These water spraying irons are used for pressing the simple and low priced cotton clothing or cotton fabrics.

The newer technology don’t need the licensing to install the bigger equipment and don’t need the licensed staff to operate. This is why we preferably apply all the latest, modern and state of the art equipment which is available in the market. This simple but new technologically advanced steam pressing equipment is mostly applied for the safe and sound pressing of your high valued garments and clothing. With this modern and handy appliances, we can easily perform the pressing jobs even at your homes.

Top Quality Steam Pressing with Affordable Rates

When we perform the steam pressing at GCC Laundry, we provide the best service to the consumer at the most reasonable and competitive rates and with the quickest delivery. Still the high quality is maintained as we have the highly trained and experienced staff at our laundry service for your service.

By applying the latest technology we can provide the best and the top quality steam pressing service even at your house and still at the affordable rates. So don’t hesitate and call our service agents for an urgent service booking.

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