Local Laundry ironing service near me

Laundry ironing service is one of the major keys to whole the washing process. After washing or dry cleaning, the ironing service is applied to smooth any final wrinkles in your clothes and fabrics. To give the washed clothes the final touch, grace, shine, smoothness and smart look, both the Laundry and Ironing Service play the due role. Washing and ironing service gives the due grace to you when you will wear the ironed cloths.

Types of Washing and Ironing Service

There are two types of the clothes ironing services, available at GCC Laundry service:

1.Hot iron service
2.Steam Laundry

Hot iron service for your clothes is used with a heated iron tool to remove wrinkles from your clothes or fabrics. Commonly, the cleaning and ironing service is made with the electrically heated iron which removes the wrinkles from your shirts, trousers, common bed linen and other such fabrics. For the best ironing or pressing to smooth the final wrinkles from your clothing, the moisture is added to your clothes and fabric.

Particularly, to give the best pressing to the shirts, the shirt collars, cuffs, shirt pockets or other folds, which have double thickness of fabric, are damped. Then these parts of your shirts are first pressed and ironed from inside and then from outside to remove the hard wrinkles and to create the best creases for your high valued dresses and clothes.

Steam Press

If you are to press or iron a thick woolen or fabric, such as, the curtains or other such thick stuff, hot iron is not applied upon your clothing or fabric. Instead of it, the steam press is applied. The steam press is applied with the high level technological plants, producing steam for the purpose. To run the steam press equipment, we have specially qualified, licensed, trained and experienced staff who perform the steam pressing for your clothing and fabrics.

Specialized Cleaning and Ironing Service for You

When you are searching for the ironing service for your clothing or other fabrics, you will naturally search for clothes ironing service near me. Here, at the GCC Laundry, we offer the following typical washing and ironing services for you:

  • Home Ironing Service
  • Local Ironing Services
  • Shirt Ironing Service
  • Curtain Ironing Service

Let's have a bird eye view of these unique and novel services, available at GCC Laundry, for you:

Home Ironing Service

If you are seeking the specific and particular ironing service for your fabric products, such as, for the curtains, bed linen and other such fabrics, you may seek the home ironing service. Here, we provide the unique home ironing service and still at the most substantial and generous rates. Still the best and extra high quality is provided to you which can remove all the wrinkles from the clothing, curtains or other fabrics.

At choice, you can have the free pick up and delivery service of the clothing and other fabrics, and still at the minimum available rates in the town.

Local Ironing Service

Some of the premises or the facilities may demand the local ironing service for the quick, high quality and the satisfactory cleaning and ironing services. Hospitals, hotels or the industrial units may demand such service which is provided at the reduced rates. You may demand the local ironing service in order to get the quality and cleanliness by such service which is assured in local ironing service.

Shirt Ironing Service

Due to sophistication of the shirts and trousers, the high quality of pressing is required for the creases and other parts where the double fabric is used. For the purpose, our trained and experienced staff provides the best and high quality washing and ironing service for your clothing and other fabrics. Such service is performed after damping the clothing and fabrics. After damping, the hot ironing is applied for the extra smoothness of collars and cuffs of the shirts and creases for the trousers.

Curtain Ironing Service

Curtain ironing service may be performed by three methods:

  • Common Hot Ironing
  • Steam Pressing
  • On the Spot Steam Pressing

Common hot ironing and the steam pressing is required to be done at our place. But, if you want the extra advanced technology to press the curtains, it is also be done at your place.

Pricing and the Rates for the Ironing Service

Commonly, the standard delivery time for the ironing service is 48 hours but the quick ironing service prices may be two times the standard rates. For the same day and within 4 hour service, the rate may be 75 up. The home ironing services prices may be a little higher than the normal rates and prices.

For the details, don’t hesitate to call our office and book for our quick and instance services!

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