Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the important laundry service which is used to dry wash your high valued woolen clothes and other thick cotton or silky fabrics which are difficult to wash and then dry. For the dry cleaning, we apply the plant or the equipment which is manufactured by applying the very advanced and complex technology. Unlike the smaller laundry services, we have a typical plant which is made to wash and clean up your clothes and other fabrics.

In such advanced dry cleaner plants, the water is not applied. For the cleaning, the special type of chemicals are applied which are rinsed from the dress immediately after the cleaning is complete. If you need the very advanced cleaning for your very high valued clothing, we apply the dry cleaning process for the extra fine and high quality cleanliness. Whole this process of dry cleaning is applied without using a single drop of water or other soap based detergents for the cleaning.

For the dry cleaner plants, we have employed the foreign qualified, licensed, trained and experienced staff for serving your high quality clothing.

Clothing or Fabric Material to be Dry Cleaned

Commonly all those clothing or the fabrics which are thick and double-layered are dry washed in order to get the dirt and dust even from its secondary or inner layers. Commonly, all the following types of clothes or fabrics are dry washed.

  • Wool made dresses
  • Thick Cotton
  • Hard fabric
  • Curtain cloths
  • Dry Cleaning Process

    For the dry cleaning, we follow the typically advanced process to wash your high cost dresses. These may include woolen trousers, coats, woolen dresses, the heavy cotton curtains, the woolen blankets and other such heavy fabrics. Some of the consumers demand the cleaning of the very fine and light weight fabric as well which can shrink if wet or washed in water.

    When we pick up or receive the clothing or fabric, we apply the following very advanced and lengthy dry cleaning process.

    We inspect the clothes or fabrics and point out any dirty marks to the client and secure the permission to remove these marks. After applying the chemicals or some other processes to clean the marks, we apply the fast air pressure upon the clothing or fabric to remove the dust and other particles of dirt.

    After getting rid of dust and dirt, we put the clothing in the plant and apply the high quality and advanced chemicals which may not injure or damage the clothing or fabric when the clothing is dipped in it.

    Then the plant is run in the manner as the washing of ordinary clothing is made. After the set time, the automatic plant stops.

    Now, the clothing or fabric is spinned off the chemicals from the clothing or fabric.

    Now, the clean cloth is ready to be pressed or steam washed which ever process is applicable to that clothing or fabric.

    Hot Ironing or Steam Pressing

    Dry cleaning process is not complete without the due pressing and ironing. The thick woolen clothing and the fabrics are difficult to hot iron pressing. So, these are steam pressed. But, if the fabrics or the clothing is a little thinner, it can be pressed by applying the hot ironing.

    Commonly, the winter dresses and clothing is preferably steam pressed. In addition to that the thick curtains are steam pressed by applying typically the steam pressing technology. But, due to the heavy steam press apparatus, the steam press cannot be performed at home. For the home service, the portable steam press appliance is applied for the pressing of curtains.

    Dry cleaner service along with the steam pressing is a little more costly than the common washing and ironing service. But, the home service with the movable steam pressing appliance is also a little more costly than the service at home.

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