Curtain Cleaning

GCC Laundry is the place which is known for the best curtain cleaning in the city. Due to the specific nature of curtain cleaning, washing and pressing, the curtain cleaning is done by our highly trained and experienced technicians. The curtain cleaning is treated as the most dull and complex job due to the following reasons:

Why Curtain Cleaning is the Most Difficult Cleaning Job?

Traditionally, the curtains have much more dirt, dust and even the bad marks than the rest of the fabrics in the house. Due to the heavy and thick curtain fabrics, it is very difficult to wash, clean, dry, fold and even iron the curtains. Most of the curtains are needed to be steam pressed which should be done with the advanced and modern appliances. Most of the consumers preferably want the curtains to be cleaned and washed even at their locations. Particularly, the hotels, hospitals and other such places need the quick and prompt service and still at their own places.

Most of the consumers demand the washing and cleaning of the curtains even when these are hanging upon the doors or the windows of their rooms or other premises.

For the washing and cleaning of the curtains, the special type of the detergents or chemicals are required. These chemicals are a little costly and required the washing staff to be expert to use these chemicals.

This is the reason; the washing and cleaning of the curtains are treated as the special jobs for which we have trained and experienced staff.

Cleaning, Washing, Drying and Ironing of the Curtains at our Premises.

We, at the GCC Laundry, have a team of expert, trained and experienced staff who are master of their work for the cleaning of your high value curtains. Whole the process of curtain cleaning is performed at our place in such a way.

Pick up the curtain from the consumer at our place or collection of same from the premises of consumers. Alternatively, we may provide the curtain washing service at your premises. Remove the bad marks from the curtains.

Wash the curtains in the traditional way by using the soap or shampoo or may be dry washed by using the chemicals. If the washing is done by applying the water and detergents, then the drying is also done by spinning process. If the curtain is made with the thick and high priced fabric, then the dry clean or dry wash is preferred.

After the drying of the curtains, the curtains are required to be hot ironed or steam pressed. If the curtain fabric is hard and thick, the ironing is not recommended but the steam press is desirable.

For the hard and thick curtains, the steam press is preferred. In such process, the curtain fabric is first damped with steam and when the curtain is soft, it is pressed hard with heavy iron. The steam ironing is performed by the highly trained pressmen who remove the wrinkles and smooth the curtain fabric. After the steam press, the curtains are ready to be delivered to the consumers.

Cleaning of Curtains at Consumer’s premises

Some of the consumers desire the curtains of their premises to be cleaned and washed at consumer’s premises. In such situation, we depute our special staff to your place with the advanced washing, cleaning and pressing equipment at your place.

Specialized Services for Hospitals, Hotels and Offices

As the hospitals, hotels, guest houses or offices require the regular cleaning services for the curtains, we offer the specialized and special services for these clients and still at the special discounts. Most of such services are performed at the place of the clients.

Urgent Cleaning of Curtains

The normal delivery of the washed and ironed curtains is made within the 48 hours while the delivery of the same within 24 hours is a little higher than the normal rate. But, if you want the curtain washing within 4 hour time, its rates are 2 times that of the normal rate.

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